Sustainable marketplaces are the essence of our business concept

Climate-smart marketplaces which are easily accessible to end-consumers contribute to a sustainable development in society. This development is enabled through Cibus’ properties and sustainability initiatives, in collaboration with sustainable tenants.

See: Cibus Annual Report

We take responsibility for our properties to contribute to a sustainable development

The objective is for the marketplaces and Cibus to make a positive contribution to the environment, people and society, while minimizing their negative impact. We support UN Global Compact and strive to contribute to the global sustainable development goals. Sustainability initiatives are prioritized in three areas:

A sustainable partner

Most of our tenants have ambitious objectives regarding their sustainability impact. To meet their needs, we serve as a committed and present partner. We offer innovative arrangements and solutions to facilitate and strengthen their sustainability measures. In addition, it’s crucial to Cibus to serve as a responsible real estate partner with sound and ethic operations, where no one suspects irregularities, deficiencies in assurance, integrity or any other conduct affecting our reputation negatively.

Take action for the climate

Climate change is one of the foremost threats to the world’s food supply and people’s opportunities to support themselves. Through heating and other consumption of electricity, the property sector is one of the world’s major consumers of energy. Consequently, achieving climate-neutral marketplaces is of highest priority to us. Our goal is climate-neutral operations by 2030 which will be attained by facilitating and encouraging tenants’ investments in renewable energy as well as our investments in energy-efficient properties and other climate promoting measures.

Create accessible marketplaces

End-consumers need access to vibrant and safe local communities. Our financing of marketplaces offers people access to grocery and daily goods stores, delivery points for goods purchased online, collection points for sorted waste and other services without having to make time-consuming trips or generating substation climate impact.

More information on our sustainability efforts.