Audit and Remuneration Committee

Cibus has not established any separate audit or remuneration committee. The board of directors has instead decided that the board in its entirety shall perform the tasks incumbent upon such committees. The board has adopted instructions for the work and measures to be carried out by the board in these capacities.

In the capacity of an audit committee, the board shall e.g. monitor the company's financial reporting and the efficiency of the internal control and risk management. The work is focused on the quality and accurateness of the group's accounting and reporting. Further, the board monitors the accounting principles and the development of accounting requirements, and other material matters that are associated with the company's reporting are discussed. Additionally, the board evaluates the work, qualifications and independence of the auditors and especially follows up on if the auditor is providing services other than accounting services. In its capacity of a remuneration committee, the board e.g. evaluates applicable remuneration policies and remuneration structures.