Nomination committee

In Cibus Nordic the nomination committee should consist of four members, of which one member shall be the chairman of the board.

The nomination committee is to prepare and propose for the annual general meeting:

  • election of chairman of the annual general meeting
  • election of chairman of the board, other board members and number of board member
  • fee to the chairman of the board and fees to other board members, as well as compensation for committee work o election of auditor and possible deputy auditor and determination of the auditor's fee, and
  • structural principles of the nomination committee

Cibus Nordic's nomination committee AGM 2020

Cibus Nordic has following the decision on the general meeting in April 2019 appointed the following individuals to the nomination committee:

  • Matti-Pekka Sävelkoski, SFC Holding
  • Olof Nyström, AP4
  • Jussi Nyrölä, Talomon Capital
  • Patrick Gylling, Chairman of the Board of Cibus Nordic

Appointment to the nomination committee has been based on the largest shareholders voting power as of the last day of trading in September 2019.

Shareholders have the opportunity to submit nomination proposals to the committee. 

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