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October 06, 2021
Cibus Nordic's nomination committee AGM 2022

Cibus Nordic has following the decision on the general meeting in April 2021 appointed the following individuals to the nomination committee:

  • Olof Nyström, nominated by The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund
  • Markus Dragicevic, nominated by Dragfast AB
  • Johannes Wingborg, nominated by Länsförsäkringar Fondförvaltning AB (publ)
  • Patrick Gylling, Chairman of the Board of Cibus Nordic

In Cibus Nordic the nomination committee should consist of four members, of which one member shall be the chairman of the board. Appointment to the nomination committee has been based on the largest shareholders voting power as of the last day of trading in August 2021. In the Nomination Committee, Olof Nyström, nominated by The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund, has been appointed Chairman of the Nomination Committee.

The nomination committee is to prepare and propose for the annual general meeting:

  • election of chairman of the annual general meeting
  • election of chairman of the board, other board members and number of board member
  • fee to the chairman of the board and fees to other board members, as well as compensation for committee work, election of auditor and possible deputy auditor and determination of the auditor's fee, and
  • Instructions for the nomination committee including principles of the structure of the nomination committee for the Annual Meeting 2022

The 2022 Annual General Meeting is tentatively expected to be held on April 21 at 10:00 at Cibus Nordic's office at Kungsgatan 56 in Stockholm.

For further information and nomination proposals, please contact:
Patrick Gylling, Chairman of the board Cibus Nordic Real Estate

Cibus is a real estate company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap. The company's business idea is to acquire, develop and manage high quality properties in the Nordics with daily goods store chains as anchor tenants. The company currently owns over 300 properties in the Nordics. The main tenants are Kesko, Tokmanni, Coop, Lidl and S Group.