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April 26, 2018
Nordic Trustee & Agency AB (publ) agrees to a waiver request sent by Cibus Nordic Real Estate AB (publ)

Cibus Nordic Real Estate AB (publ) (the "Company") issued on 5 March 2018 senior unsecured floating rate bonds with ISIN: SE0010740530 (the "Bonds") under terms and conditions dated on 1 March 2018 (the "Terms and Conditions").

The Company has requested that Nordic Trustee & Agency AB (publ) (the "Agent") consents to a waiver of the Terms and Conditions so that the first quarterly interim unaudited consolidated report to be delivered will be the Q4 report (for the period ending on 30 June 2018), instead of the report for the period ending on 31 March 2018.

The main reason for the waiver is the short period passed between the Issue Date (5 March 2018) and 31 March 2018 and that it was never the intention that a report for the period ending 31 March 2018 was to be released by the Company considering that the Company acquired all its assets in early March 2018.

The Agent has agreed to the Company's waiver request in accordance with Clause 18(a)(i) (Amendments and Waivers) of the Terms and Conditions.

FNCA Sweden AB is appointed Certified Advisor.

Cibus Nordic Real Estate AB (publ)

Stockholm 26.04.2018

For further information, please contact:
Lisa Dominguez Flodin, CEO Cibus Nordic Real Estate (+46 70 237 71 12)